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Copyright & A2K Issues - 8 March 2018


Intellectual Property

SA Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 - Feedback

The Bill was on the agenda for discussion by the Portfolio Sub-Committee on Trade & Industry on 7 March 2018. It is on the agenda again for 14 March 2018.  The processing of the Bill will apparently continue well into mid-2018.  


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Association of Universities in the Netherlands launches 2018-2020 Road Map to Open Access

Copyright & A2K Issues - 24 January 2018

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Copyright & A2K Issues - 15 December 2017


Intellectual Property:

The Fight for Fair Copyright Returns: Canadian Government Launches Major Copyright Review

Help UNESCO finalise the draft Internet Universality Indicators

The New York Public Library's Presidents Just Wrote A Beautiful Letter In Support Of Net Neutrality