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Worrying failure of Kenyan government to heed court orders

Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta and his rival, Raila Odinga, installed as “the people’s president” in a “mock” swearing-in last month, took the world by surprise on Friday last week when they held an unscheduled meeting. The two men, who have had barely a civil word to say about each other for some time, emerged from their meeting calling each other “brother” and vowing to promote the healing of Kenya’s divisions.

Copyright & A2K Issues - 8 March 2018


Intellectual Property

SA Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 - Feedback

The Bill was on the agenda for discussion by the Portfolio Sub-Committee on Trade & Industry on 7 March 2018. It is on the agenda again for 14 March 2018.  The processing of the Bill will apparently continue well into mid-2018.  


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Association of Universities in the Netherlands launches 2018-2020 Road Map to Open Access


Of the last four permanent presidents of the court of appeal, one was appointed twice, two were the subject of impeachment tribunals and one was “summarily removed from office” in an unlawful bid to install the favourite of a new prime minister.

The latest judgment concerns senior legal academic Kananelo Mosito. He was the first jurist to be permanently appointed as president of Lesotho’s court of appeal after the resignation of the disgraced former head of that court, Michael Ramodibedi, who handed in his resignation just as his impeachment tribunal was due to start.