Decision on Angola

AHG/Dec. 148 (XXXVI)


The Assembly:

  1. EXPRESSES ITS CONCERN at the fact that the UN sanctions against UNITA are not implemented effectively;

  2. WELCOMES the recent measures taken by some Member States towards ensuring the implementation of the UN sanctions against UNITA;

  3. REAFFIRMS its strong support for all the Resolutions and efforts of the United Nations Security Council on Angola;

  4. REQUESTS all Member States to scrupulously comply with all the provisions of UN Security Council Resolutions and in this regard, to fully co-operate with the UN, to ensure their effective implementation;

  5. CONDEMNS UNITA for continuing to wage war against the people of Angola, which war has been responsible for the humanitarian tragedy in that country and EXPRESSES its solidarity with the Government and People of Angola;

  6. APPEALS to Member States in a position to do so and to the wider International Community to extend maximum assistance to the Government of Angola to enable it address the humanitarian and socio-economic problems that have resulted from the conflict in that country.

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