Resolution on the Question of Palestine and the Middle East

CM/Res. 395 (XXIV)

CM/Res.393 (XXIV)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its 24th Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 13 to 21 February 1975,

Having heard the statements delivered during the conference,

Having received the report of the OAU Administrative Secretary General (CM.644 (XXIV)),

Gravely concerned over the deteriorating and explosive situation in the Middle East due tot he aggressive and rigid Israeli attitude and to its expansionist ambitions obstructing the process of reaching a just settlement,

Convinced, therefore, that the responsibility of delaying the achievement of any progress falls squarely on Israel,

Recalling its resolution 332 (23) adopted during the Council’s Twenty Third Ordinary Session held in Mogadishu, Somalia, (6 – 15 June 1975),

Reaffirming its established position according to which the total withdrawal of Israel from all occupied Arab territories, and the recognition of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people are basic prerequisites for any just and lasting peace in the Middle East,

Recalling further its resolution 321(22) which declared the total support of the OAU to the heroic struggle of the Palestine Liberation Organization as the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in their struggle against zionism and racism,

Bearing in mind its resolution 337 (23) by which the Council declared its desire to foster the African Arab Co-operation in all its fields in a practical and effective way,

  1. TAKES NOTE of the report of the OAU Administrative Secretary General (CM/644 (XXIV),

  1. STRONGLY CONDEMNS Israel for the perpetuation of its occupation of the Arab Territories, its denial of the existence and rights of the Arab People of Palestine, as well as for its procrastinating Policy which has hindered all efforts aiming at achieving the just settlement called for by the many resolutions adopted by the United Nations,

  1. DENOUNCES Israel for its failure to comply with all the relevant U.N. resolutions calling upon it to effect an immediate withdrawal from the Arab occupied territories, and to desist forthwith from all measures adversely affecting the political, economic, administration, cultural and demographic status of the occupied territories,

  1. URGES all states to refrain from providing all forms of military aid to Israel which will only help consolidating its occupation, thus making the prospect of peace more remote,

  1. EXPRESSES its indignation at the repeated flagrant Israeli acts of aggression against Lebanon, particularly against the Southern region of Lebanon, the people of this country and the Palestinian People in defiance of all relevant resolutions of the Security Council,

  1. EXPRESSES its full appreciation for the assiduous efforts exerted by the Arab countries in order to mobilize their potentialities with a view to liberating their occupied territories from the Israeli aggressors,

  1. REITERATES the fundamental principles set out in its resolutions 332 (23) recognizing the natural rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to self- determination, and emphasizes – in this regard – the provisions of the resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations 3236 (29) mainly:

    1. the inalienable right of the Palestinian to return to their homes and to recover their properties,

    1. The right of the Palestinians to independence and sovereignty,

    1. That the Palestinian people is a principal party in the establishment of a just and durable peace in the Middle East.

  1. COMMENDS the invitation extended to the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in the sessions and works of the General Assembly and all international conferences in the capacity of an observer in accordance with the General Assembly resolution 3237 (29),

  1. DEEMS IT advisable for the success of the Palestine Liberation Organization in their struggle for establishing the future state of the Palestinian People that they be given all opportunities to keep permanent contacts with the governments of Member States, and that this may take the form of representations in their respective capitals,

  1. PLEDGES to continue its unqualified support to the Arab cause against the Israeli Zionist designs which are detrimental to the cause of peace, not only in the area, but also in the entire world; and further continues to uphold the measures incorporated in its resolution No. 28(8) adopted during the Council’s Special Session on 26 November 1973,

  1. REQUESTS the OAU Administrative Secretary General to closely follow up developments in the Middle East and to report thereon to the 25 th session of the Council of Ministers, and decides to keep the situation in the Middle East as one of the important items on the agenda of the next session of the OAU Council of Ministers.

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