Resolution on the U N Conference of Human Settlements

CM/Res. 467 (XXVI)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Twenty- Sixth Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 23 February to 1 March 1976,

Having considered the question of the holding by the UN of a Conference on Human Settlements in Vancouver, Canada from 31st May to 11th June 1976,

Considering the importance of the said Conference for the harmonious economic development of the countries of the third world in particular,

Considering further that human settlements issues involve physical, social, economic and environmental aspects of development which require a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach,

Bearing in mind that so far the existing UN sectorial institutions have undertaken many unco-ordinated programmes on human settlements without much impact and success in this field,

Convinced that the magnitude of the global, regional and national functions of all arrangement for human settlements require the setting up of an institutional organ distinct from those already existing within the UN system,

  1. WELCOMES and EXPRESSES its influencing and total support to the Vancouver Conference on Human Settlements;

  1. INVITES the African delegates to do their utmost for the success of the Conference;

  1. RECOMMENDS to the conference the setting up of a new institutional organ entrusted with the responsibilities of assuming an overall supervision of all activities regarding all aspects of human settlements;

  1. RECOMMENDS also that such an organ integrate the UN Centre of Housing, Building and Planning and the UN Habitat and Human Settlements Foundations;

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