Resolution on the Second All-Africa Trade Fair

CM/Res. 468 (XXVI)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Twenty- Sixth Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 23 February to 1 March 1976,

Recalling the resolution CM/Res. 443(XXV),

Having considered the Progress Report on the Second All-Africa Trade Fair contained in document CM/714(XXVI),

Believing that the Second All-Africa Trade Fair offers a unique opportunity for exchange and flow of information and expansion of African Trade,

Desirous of ensuring all success to the second All-Africa Trade Fair,

  1. ACCEPTS in principle the dates proposed by the Algerian Government for the holding of the fair, i.e. from 1 to 17 October 1976, however, the final decision rests with the Organizing Committee of Ten;

  1. ACCEPTS the principle of a special pavilion for the OAU, taking into account the financial implications involved;

  1. AUTHORIZES the committee of ten and the OAU Secretariat to decide on:

    1. The Budget of the OAU Pavilion and the sharing of the costs between the OAU and the host Government,

    1. The specific budget for travelling expenses of participants and articles to be displayed by the OAU Secretariat,

    1. The nature and mode of participation of Liberation Movements recognized by the OAU and their expenses.

  1. REQUESTS that the decisions of the Committee of Ten be referred to the 27th

Session of the OAU Council of Ministers to be held in Port-Louis, Mauritius;

  1. DECIDES to appeal to all Member States of the OAU to make full participation in this Fair, in order to promote the exchange of ideas and information related to trade and with the aim of promoting and increasing inter-African trade;

  1. EXPRESSES its appreciation to the Government of Algeria for their intensified efforts and for the utmost co-operation they are giving to make the Fair a success.

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