Resolution on the Soweto Massacars in South Africa


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The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its 27th Ordinary Session in Port-Louis, Mauritius, from 24th June to 3rd July 1976;

Having considered with profound indignation the increasing acts of repression committed by the apartheid regime of South Africa against the African people and, in particular shocked by the recent brutal massacres of the struggling people in Soweto and other areas in South Africa;

Mindful that the massacres of Soweto and elsewhere, like those of Sharpville, are further evidence of the wanton brutality and recalcitrance of the racist regime of South Africa, as well as a challenge to the conscience of the world.

Deploring the deliberate policy of certain Western powers, in flagrant violation of United Nations Resolution, of buttressing and arming the racist regime responsible for the recent massacres at Soweto and elsewhere;

Further deploring the intensified collusion of Apartheid South Africa with Zionist Israel, backed by international imperialism and colonialism as part of its global strategy to perpetuate the brutal oppression of the black people of South Africa;

Recalling all the relevant resolutions of the OAU and the UN against the policy of apartheid practised by the minority, illegal and racist in South Africa;

Having listened to the declarations made by the Liberation Movements of South Africa,

  1. HAILS the heroic people of Soweto and other affected areas in South Africa for their courageous stand against overwhelming odds;

  1. EXTEND its deepest condolence to the bereaved families of the victims of this massacre;

  1. DECLARE the 16th June as the day of the Soweto Martyrs.

  1. STRONGLY CONDEMS the Vorster regime for these massacres perpetrated against unarmed African men, women and Scholl children.

  1. CONDEMS certain Western countries and Israel for selling armaments to the racist regime of South Africa which are used for the perpetration of massacres against the black majority;

  1. AFFIRMS that the only effective guarantee for the African people of South Africa against the repetition of the massacres is the launching of the armed struggle for the seizure of power by the people;

  1. RESOLVES to extend maximum political, economic and military assistance to the liberation movements of South Africa to enable them execute the armed struggle.

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