Communique: The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU), at its 222nd meeting held on 29 March 2010, adopted the following decision on the situation in Guinea Bissau



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29 MARCH 2010




The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU), at its 222nd meeting held on 29 March 2010, adopted the following decision on the situation in Guinea Bissau:


  1. Takes note of the briefing provided by the Commission and the Representative of Nigeria, in its capacity as Chair of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), on the situation in Guinea Bissau;

  2. Recalls communiques PSC/PR/Comm.(CLXXIV) Rev. 2 and PSC/PR/Comm.5 (CXCII) on the situation in Guinea Bissau, adopted at its 174th and 192nd meetings, held on 3 March and 10 June 2009, and the provisions of paragraph 9 of the Plan of Action adopted by the Special Session of the Assembly of the Union on the consideration and resolution of conflicts in Africa held in Tripoli, Libya, on 31 August 2009;

  3. Welcomes the encouraging developments in Guinea Bissau and the progress made since the holding of early presidential elections in July 2009. In this regard, Council notes the measures taken by the new authorities of Guinea Bissau regarding good governance, the fight against impunity and drug trafficking, the organization of the National Reconciliation Conference and the creation of conditions conducive to the restoration of lasting peace, security and political stability in the country. Council urges the Bissau Guinean authorities to pursue their commitments and requests all stakeholders in the country to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and to put the interests of Guinea Bissau above any other considerations;

  4. Welcomes also the outcome of the AU/ECOWAS Joint Assessment Mission undertaken to Bissau from 30 October to 10 November 2009, and the joint visit undertaken by the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary- General in West Africa to Bissau on 23 February 2010;

  5. Reiterates the need to accelerate the process of credible investigation to shed light on the political assassinations that occurred in Guinea Bissau in 2009, and to bring to justice the perpetrators of those dastardly acts. Council calls on the Commission, in consultation with ECOWAS, the UN, the CEN-SAD and other stakeholders, to intensify efforts in this regard and to report regularly on the issue;

  6. Notes with satisfaction the support provided by ECOWAS and its Member States, including the commitment made at the 37th Ordinary Session of the Summit of Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS held in Abuja, Nigeria, on 16 February 2010, for resource mobilization to support the reform of the security, defence and justice sectors, the provision of basic social services and capacity building for the economic sector;

  7. Also notes with satisfaction the support provided by the UN, the European Union, the Community of Portuguese-speaking countries and other members of the international community to the efforts aimed at consolidating the gains made in Guinea Bissau, including the implementation of reforms in the security, defence and justice sectors, which is a crucial element for peace, the entrenchment of democracy and development in Guinea Bissau;

  8. Appeals to the international community to continue and intensify its support to the efforts to consolidate peace in Guinea Bissau, in particular by providing all necessary support to the success of the Roundtable to be held soon, to assist the new Bissau Guinean authorities in the implementation of the security sector reform and in economic and social development;

  9. Requests the Commission to accelerate the process of establishing an AU Liaison Office in Guinea Bissau, in anticipation of the subsequent deployment of the AU/ECOWAS Joint Civilian Mission for the consolidation of peace and stability and support for post-conflict reconstruction in Guinea Bissau in accordance with the Plan of Action of the AU Special Session of Tripoli. Council also requests the Commission, in consultation with ECOWAS, to submit, as soon as possible, a report on the deployment of the Joint AU/ECOWAS Civilian Mission;

  10. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

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