Communique: The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), at its 235th meeting held on 2 July 2010, adopted the following communiqué on the situation in the Sudan and the activities of the AU High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) on Sudan






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The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), at its 235th meeting held on 2 July 2010, adopted the following communique on the situation in the Sudan and the activities of the AU High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) on Sudan.


  1. Takes note of the Report of the Chairperson of the Commission on the activities of the AUHIP, as well as the briefing made by the Chair of the AUHIP, former President Thabo Mbeki. Council also takes note of the statements made by the representatives of the Government of National Unity (GoNU) and the Government of South Sudan;

  2. Recalls Communique PSC/AHG/COMM.1(CCVII), which endorsed the Report and Recommendations of the AU High Level Panel on Darfur Document - AUPD [PSC/AHG/2(CCVII)], underlining that these Recommendations provided a clear roadmap for achieving peace, reconciliation, justice and healing in Darfur, thus promoting the achievement of sustainable peace and stability in the Sudan. Council reiterates its unflinching support to the Panel, which is acting on the basis of a mandate given by Africa, through the AU, and with the support of the rest of the international community;

  3. Commends the Chair of the AUHIP, former President Thabo Mbeki, and its two other members, namely former President Pierre Buyoya and Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, for their commitment and hard work to advance in a holistic way the search for peace, justice and reconciliation in the Sudan, including the promotion of a comprehensive and inclusive political process in Darfur, through, notably, the early convening of the Darfur-Darfur Conference (DDC), the support extended to the parties towards the implementation of the remaining provisions of the CPA, notably the North-South Border the issue of Abyei and transitional areas, and the facilitation of the negotiations on post-referendum arrangements, as required;

  4. Expresses its appreciation to the Sudanese Government and all stakeholders for the cooperation extended to the AU and Panel, in particular, and reiterates the AU's commitment to continue supporting them in their efforts to overcome the many challenges facing the Sudan;

  5. Welcomes the convening of preparatory discussions on post-referendum arrangements between the NCP and the SPLM in Mekelle, Ethiopia, from 21 to 23 June 2010, under the auspices of the AUHIP, and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the way forward for discussions. Council calls on the parties to pursue their discussions in a spirit of cooperation and partnership and looks forward to the launching of formal negotiations. Council urges the international community to extend its full support to the Sudanese parties, as well as to the AUHIP facilitation, in accordance with the Mekelle Moll;

  6. Expresses concern at the prevailing security situation in Darfur, and calls on all parties to demonstrate restraint and refrain from actions likely to further complicate the situation. Council encourages the parties to the Doha process led by the AU-UN Joint Mediator and the Government of Qatar to intensify their efforts towards achieving further progress, and urges the Movements that are not in Doha to join the process;

  7. Reiterates, as stressed by the AUPD in its report, that the problem of Darfur requires a comprehensive and inclusive political settlement, that addresses all the issues of peace, justice and reconciliation and involves all stakeholders, including the GoS, the armed belligerents, political parties, IDPs, refugees, traditional leaders, native administration, pastoralist groups and civil society. In this respect, Council expresses its full support to the early convening of the Darfur-Darfur Conference as envisaged by the AUHIP, and calls on all concerned to extend the necessary cooperation and support;

  8. Expresses its appreciation to IGAD and the League of Arab States, as well as to the EU, the United Nations, the US and Norway and other AU partners for their support, and calls on the international community as a whole to fully rally behind the AU and support the work of the Panel and the efforts of the Sudanese stakeholders, for Africa's leadership and Sudanese ownership are the key ingredients for a successful peace and reconciliation process in the Sudan;

  9. Welcomes the convening, at the initiative of the Chairperson of the Commission, in Addis Ababa on 7 May 2010, of the Strategic Review Meeting between the AU Commission and the UN Secretariat, as well as the inaugural meeting of the Sudan Consultative Forum as provided for in its Abuja decision of 29 October 2009. Council stresses that the Forum, which is co-chaired by the AU and the UN, provides an effective framework for the coordination of international engagement and that no efforts should be spared to avoid parallel initiatives and forums that have the potential to complicate efforts towards peace in the Sudan. In this respect, Council stresses the importance of effective follow-up and implementation of the conclusions of both meetings;

  10. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.

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