Communique of the 1075th meeting of the PSC held on 12 April 2022, on the Predictable, Adequate and Sustainable Financing for the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS)



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12 APRIL 2022





Adopted by the Peace and Security Council at its 1075th meeting held on 12 April 2022, on the Predictable, Adequate and Sustainable Financing for the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS):

The Peace and Security Council,

Recalling its previous decisions on the situation in Somalia, particularly Communiques [PSC/PR/COMM.1068(2021)], adopted at its 1068th meeting held on 8 March 2022, as well as United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2628 (2022) authorizing the reconfiguration ofthe AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) into the AU Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS);

Noting the opening remarks by the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Burundi to the AU, and Chairperson of the PSC for the month of April 2022, H.E. Ambassador Willy Nyamitwe; the statement by the AU Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, H.E. Bankole Adeoye and the briefing by the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the AU Commission (SRCC) for Somalia and Head of ATMIS, H.E. Francisco Caetano Madeira, as well as the statements delivered by the Representatives of Somalia, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Secretariat, the United Nations (UN)and the European Union (EU);

Re-ajfirming its unwavering commitment to the unity, territorial integrity and national sovereignty ofthe Federal Republic of Somalia and reiterating its commitment to ensure national ownership ofthe transition process;

Determined to defeat Al Shabaab and all other terrorist and armed groups operating Somalia and the entire Horn of Africa region, restoring lasting peace, security and stability, as well as political normalcy in Somalia;

Acting under Article 7 of its Protocol, the Peace and Security Council,

  1. Strongly condemns the recent Al Shabaab attacks in Somalia, including the targeting of electoral delegates, candidates and Members of Parliaments, as well as civilians in general; and this regard, expresses condolences to the families ofthe victims of these heinous acts;

  2. Welcomes the UN Security Council Resolution 2628 (2022) adopted unanimously on 31 March 2022 and commends the UNSC for authorizing the reconfiguration ofthe AMISOM into the ATMIS;

  3. Takes note of the steady progress recently made by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the increased momentum towards the finalization ofthe electoral process, and once again, urges the FGS to expedite the completion of the process in a transparent and inclusive manner and within the shortest possible time;

  4. Commends anew the AMISOM Police and Troop Contributing Countries (P/TCCs) and salutes in particular, the AMISOM men and women fortheir personal sacrifices and unwavering commitment albeit in very challenging operational conditions, demonstrated over the past 15 years, which enabled the conduct of operations and implementation of AMISOM's mandate with significant success;

  5. Further commends especially the European Union (EU) and UN for the direct funding and provision of logistics support to AMISOM respectively, which contributed to the gains and achievements recorded by AMISOM over its 15 years of support to Somalia; also appreciates the support of other bilateral partners to AMISOM, including the provision of direct funding by the United Kingdom (UK) to cover outstanding gaps for AMISOM troop stipends retroactively for 2021 upto March 2022;

  6. Notes with deep concern the commencement of ATMIS mandate without the required resources for the effective implementation of its mandate, including predictable, sustainable and adequate financing; welcomes the commitment and financial support ofthe EU for ATMIS; in this regard, calls upon the EU to maintain the same level of funding support provided to AMISOM for sustainability, taking into account the fact that ATMIS will maintain all AMISOM personnel up to 31 December 2022 - as outlined in AUPSC Communique (1068/2022) adopted on 8 March 2022 and UN Security Council resolution 2628 (2022);

  7. Further noted with concern the status of the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the Commission and Head of ATMIS at this critical time in Somalia and requests the Chairperson of the Commission to reach a conclusion that protects the gains and legacies made in Somalia for the interest of all stakeholders;

  8. Urges the UN Security Council, taking into consideration its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, to authorize the use of the UN assessed contributions for ATMIS and to increase its logistical support for Somalia, in order to consolidate peace, security and stability in Somalia, as well as to preserve the positive gains made so far under the auspices of the AU through AMISOM;

  9. Appeals to the UN Security Council to consider holding a special session on financing for ATMIS and the Somalia Security Forces, and calls on the EU and other development partners to establish a financial support package, to cover all required costs of ATMIS to enable effective implementation ofthe CONOPs;

  10. Requests the Chairperson of the Commission to scale up efforts to explore more innovative options for predictable and sustainable financing, through engaging more AU partners to mobilize adequate resources for the operations of ATMIS, including the possibility of organizing a donor conference dedicated to promoting the effectiveness of ATMIS;

  11. Emphasizes that funds saved from the reduction of troops at the end of the 1st phase of the reconfiguration of the Mission, by 31 December 2022, should be used to further enhance the existing ATMIS capabilities, in order to ensure the agility, mobility and effectiveness of the Mission in discharging its mandate;

  12. Strongly appeals to AU Member States and partners, who are in a position to do so, to consider providing financial and in-kind support to ATMIS to further enhance its capacity and capabilities for the effective implementation of its mandate;

  13. Requests the Chairperson of the Commission to expedite the necessary recruitment processes, to ensure full staffing of ATMIS by the end of Phase I of the transition, that is by 31 December 2022, as outlined in paragraph 15.1.2(iii) of the CONOPs and paragraph 24 of the Communique adopted by the PSC during the 1068th meeting, as well as paragraph 37 of the UN Security Council resolution 2628 (2022);

  14. Reiterates the request for the Chairperson ofthe Commission to submit quarterly reports to Council on the implementation of ATMIS mandate, including the report of the assessment to be facilitated by the Quartet (AU-FGS-UN-EU) Technical Teams every six months, which should include the steps taken by the FGS and international partners in implementing the CONOPs;

  15. Reiterates the request of the UN Security Council in paragraph 37 of resolution 2628 (2022), for the UN Secretary-General, in consultation with the AU and FGS, to develop an appropriate logistical support plan to enable the reconfiguration envisioned for ATMIS by 31 December 2022, as well as for the implementation of the ATMIS CONOPs; and in this regard, appeals to the UN to include in the appropriate logistical support plan the steps for the consideration of an increase in the number of Somali security forces eligible for support through UNSOS, as outlined in paragraph 38 and as set out in paragraph 37 of UN Security Council resolution 2628 (2022);

  16. Decides to urgently transmit this communique to the United Nations Security Council as part of its working documents; and

  17. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

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