The ACCRA Assembly

CM/Res. 39 (III)


The Council of Minister meeting in its Third Ordinary Session in Cairo, U.A.R., from 13 to 17 July 1964,

Having considered the report of the Provisional Administrative Secretary-General on the request of the Accra Assembly that the Organization of African Unity sponsor the next Accra Assembly scheduled to be held in the first half of 1965,

Noting that the previous Assembly held in Accra in June 1962 was at non- governmental level,

Noting further the significance of the Accra Assembly as a fresh approach to the problem of world peace,

  1. REQUESTS the Secretariat of the Accra Assembly to provide the Secretariat of the Organization of African Unity with all information on the financial expenditures incurred in connection with the previous meeting in Accra, as well as on its method and policy of extending invitations;

  1. DECIDES to refer this request for sponsorship to the Assembly of Heads of State and Government.

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