Situation in the Middle East

CM/Res.321 (XXII)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity meeting in its Twenty Second Ordinary Session in Kampala, Uganda, from 1 to 4 April 1974,

Having heard the statement of H.E. the Leader of the Delegation of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

Recalling all OAU previous resolutions on the Middle East which reaffirmed that total Israeli withdrawal from all Arab occupied territories and the attainment of in alienable national rights of the Palestinian People is a pre-requisite to a just and durable peace in the Middle East,

Gravely concerned that despite the last agreement on military disengagement between Egypt and Israel, the cease fire is still precarious due to the persistent refusal of Israel to withdraw from all Arab occupied territories and to recognize the inalienable national and legitimate rights of the Palestinian People,

  1. TAKES NOTE of the statement of the leader of the delegation of the Arab Republic of Egypt;

  1. REAFFIRMS its resolution ECM/21 (XIII);

  1. EMPHASIZES that a just and lasting peace in the Middle East should not overlook the following basic principles;

    1. the total withdrawal of Israeli forces form all the Arab occupied territories since June 1967;

    2. the liberation of the Arab city of Jerusalem;

    1. the exercise by the Palestinian People of their right to self-determination.

  1. DECLARES its total support to the struggle of the P.L.O. as the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian People and to its heroic struggle against zionism and racism;

  1. REQUESTS the OAU Secretary General to follow the development of the Middle East situation and to report to the Twenty third Session of the Council of Ministers;

  1. DECIDES to maintain the Middle East situation as an important item on the next agenda of all OAU Session.

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