Resoluttion on the Palestian Question


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of Africa Unity meeting in its Thirty- fifth Ordinary Session in Freetown, Sierra Leone, from 18 to 28 June, 1980,

Having studied the OAU Secretary-General’s Report on the development of the Palestine Question, (Document CM/1048 (XXXV),

Having heard the statements made by various delegations and in particular the statement made by the Representative of the PLO,

Recalling the resolutions adopted at previous sessions of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government on the Mid-East problem and Palestine Question,

Recalling further the Report of the United Nations Ad Hoc Committee of Palestine (Document A/34/35) which reaffirms the Palestinian people’s national and inalienable rights to their homeland, including their right to return, to self- determination, to sovereignty and to establishment of an independent state on their soil,

Guided by the principles and objectives of OAU and UN Charters and common destiny of African and Arab peoples in their joint struggle against Zionism and racism for the sake of freedom, independence and peace,

Recalling that the question of Palestine, including Jerusalem, is at the very core of the Middle East conflict, and that PLO is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people,

Reiterating the relevant resolutions of the OAU making the Palestinian cause both Arab and African Cause,

Aware of the present serious situation created as a result of the continued occupation by Israel of Palestinian Arab territories, its refusal to comply with the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council resolutions, its determination to establish settlement areas in occupied Arab territories particularly Jerusalem and thus changing the demographic geographical, cultural and social features of Palestine,

Reaffirming the legitimate struggle being waged by the Palestinian people under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to recover their land and exercise their national rights,

Reaffirming further that a just and lasting peace can only be achieved through the exercise by the Palestinian people of their inalienable rights, especially the right to return to their motherland and recover their national sovereignty, their self- determination without any foreign interference whatsoever, and the establishment of an independent state on their territory,

Considering that all partial agreements and separate treaties are greatly prejudicial to the Palestinian people, and further constitutes violation of the principle of the right of the people to self-determination and independence,

Noting the decision to convene a Special Session of the UN General Assembly on the Palestinian issue,

Noting with concern that the alliance between the Zionist regime of Israel and the racist regime of South Africa aims at intensifying acts of terrorism and genocide perpetrated against the peoples of Palestine and Southern Africa:

  1. REAFFIRMS all resolutions already adopted on the Palestinian Question, and its all out and strong support to the Palestinian people led by its sole legitimate representatives the PLO, in its just struggle for the restoration of their usurped national rights, particularly their right to return to their

homeland, to self-determination and to establish its independent sovereign state or its land;

  1. CONDEMNS the machinations aimed at preventing the Palestinian people from exercising their right to self-determination to achieve their national aspiration, freedom and total sovereignty, impose solutions that contradict this right and violate the resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the OAU as well as the initiative taken by some parties with an eye to taking measures and concluding agreements which would not take into consideration the aspirations of the Palestinian people and their legitimate representative, the Palestine Liberation Organization, (PLO) to the detriment of their right to ensure their own destiny;

  1. STRONGLY CONDEMNS Israel’s expansionist, colonialist and segregationist and terrorist designs against the Palestinian people, its leaders and other Arab peoples, and in particular the Lebanese people;

  1. STRONGLY CONDEMNS FURTHER all partial agreements and separate treaties which constitute a flagrant violation of the rights of the Palestinian people, the principles of the OAU and UN Charters and the resolutions adopted in various international fora on the Palestinian people’s aspiration to return to their homeland, to self-determination and to exercise full sovereignty on their territories;

  1. CONDEMNS FURTHER the collusion between the Zionist regime and the racist regime of South Africa, and calls upon all Member States to increase their efforts to encounter this danger and to strengthen the armed struggle against Zionism, Racism, and Imperialism;

  1. APPEALS to the international community to further intensify its pressure on Israel in all fields to force it to abide by the UN Charter and the resolutions adopted on the Palestinian issue;

  2. STRONGLY CONDEMNS the persistence of Israel’s policies of annexation and Judaization of the city of Jerusalem, which constitutes a flagrant violation of relevant resolutions adopted by all international fora on this issue;

  1. URGES Member States of the OAU to actively participate at Ministerial level, if possible, in the proceedings of the forthcoming Special Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the Palestinian question which will start on July 22, 1980;

  1. REQUESTS the Security Council to take effective measures to secure the exercising of the Palestinian people of their inalienable national right recognized by the UN General Assembly;

  1. REQUESTS the OAU Secretary-General to follow the development of the Palestinian issue and to report back to the Council of Ministers at its next Ordinary Session.

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