Resoluttion on the Implementation of the Pan African Telecommunications Network (PANAFTEL)

CM/Res.802 (XXXV)



The Council of Ministers of the Organization of Africa Unity meeting in its Thirty- fifth Ordinary Session in Freetown, Sierra Leone, from 18 to 28 June, 1980,

Having taken note of the Report of the Seventh Meeting of the PANAFTEL Co- ordinating Committee as contained in Document CM/1060 (XXXV) Annex I,

Recalling its resolution CM/752 (XXXIII) Rev.1,

Noting further the decision of the Committee inviting PATU and ITU to co-operate in organizing regional meetings of African Earth-Station Operators at traffic manager level to ensure closer co-ordination and co-operation between such stations,

Taking note of the proposal of the Government of the Republic of Liberia to host the Third African Telecommunication Conference in December, 1980,

Mindful of the deplorable conditions in which many systems already installed are, due to lack of adequate maintenance facilities:

  1. EXPRESSES its appreciation to the Co-ordinating Committee for its progress report on the implementation of Pan-African Telecommunications Network and urges the Committee to continue doing its good work;

  1. REQUESTS the PANAFTEL Co-ordinating Committee to take measures leading to the acceleration of the implementation of the PANAFTEL Network with a view to promote Inter-State links;

  1. EXPRESSES its appreciation to the UNDP for its indicated plan to provide additional funds to support the PANAFTEL project and trust that a continued and expanded programme of assistance will be provided for the maintenance and operations of the PANAFTEL Network;

  1. FURTHER EXPRESSES its appreciation to the Government of the Republic of Liberia for its decision to host the Third African Telecommunications Conference in December 1980;

  1. APPEALS once again to African and other financiers especially the ADB and donors from developed countries to pledge funds either on bilateral or multilateral basis for the realization of the PANAFTEL project within the UN Transport and Communications Decade for Africa;

  1. URGES African Telecommunications Administrations to furnish the Co- ordinating Committee through PATU with all the necessary information – related to the improvement of their networks;

  1. REQUESTS the OAU Secretary-General to report on the implementation of this resolution to the Thirty-seventh Session of the Council of Ministers.

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