Resoluttion on the Establishment of the Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU)

CM/Res.810 (XXXV)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of Africa Unity meeting in its Thirty- fifth Ordinary Session in Freetown, Sierra Leone, from 18 to 28 June, 1980,

Recalling its Resolution 586 (XXIX),

Having received and examined the report of the Secretary-General on the establishment of the Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU) together with the report of the Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the PAPU attached thereto,

Reaffirming the need for a Specialized Institution in Africa to co-ordinate postal service of the OAU Member States:

  1. CONGRATULATES the Secretary-General for organizing and convening successfully the Conference of African Plenipotentiaries for setting up a Pan- African Postal Union;

  1. THANKS the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for hosting the Conference of Plenipotentiaries and for offering to host the Headquarters of the PAPU;

  1. ACCEPTS the Pan-African Postal Union as a Specialized Agency of the OAU on postal matters;

  1. APPEALS to all OAU Member States ratify the Convention of the PAPU as soon as possible and to pay in their contributions to the Union’s budget;

  1. COMMENDS the report of the Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Pan- African Postal Union, the Union’s Convention, its Rules of Procedure and its budget to the Assembly of Heads of State and Government for endorsement.

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