Resolution on the Training Component of the Pan-African Program of Biological Control of Crop Pests in Africa (ABCP Project)

CM/Res.1377 (LV)


The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity, meeting in its Fifty -fifth Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 24 to 28 February 1992,

Having considered the Report of the Secretary-General (Doc. CM/1700 (LV)) on the evaluation report of the “training” component of the Pan -African Biological Control Program of Crop Pests in Africa (ABCP),

Recalling documents TCP/RAF/4412, TCP/RAF/4526, TCP/RAF/6655 signed between the FAO and OAU and the document of the Project RAF/87/142 between the UNDP and the OAU on technical and financial assistance to develop biological control capabilities

in 36 Member States and aware of the fact that the objective in view is far from being achieved,

Cognizant of the fact that the control of crop insect pests in a prerequisite for achieving food self-sufficiency and security in Africa,

Considering that cassava (both the tuber and the leaf) is the staple diet for hundreds of millions of people in Africa,

Considering that the use of pesticides on crop is not only very costly entailing additional outlays in foreign currency for African governments but also constitu tes a certain threat to the health of the populations,

Convinced that biological control of crop pests may be considered as a scientific approach that holds out beneficial ripple effects on health and environment,

Considering the efforts invested by the international community (FAO-UNDP-IFAD), the International Research Institutes (IITA, CIBC) and especially the OAU to develop, adapt and spread this method in Africa to eradicate the disastrous effects of pests on cassava and other foods and cash crops,

Convinced that positive results can only be obtained if a heavy premium is set on Research and Training in order to prop up national crop pests control programs:

  1. CONGRATULATES the OAU General Secretariat on the initiative taken to explore the ways and means to rid the continent of hunger, poverty and malnutrition;

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  1. WELCOMES the excellent results already obtained by the control program on combating crop pests in Africa, the considerable number of specialists trained and the establishment of National Biological Control Unit in some Member States;

  1. URGES all Member States to participate in the efforts of the international community by adopting biological control as a basic component of crop protection structures and in taking part in the actions conducted at regional level to popularize the technique;

  1. IN THIS CONTEXT welcomes the recommendation made in the Secretary-General’s Report on the need for the Fren ch and Portuguese Editions to be prepared and widely distributed.

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