Assembly Decision on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Outbreak - Doc. Assembly/AU/6(XXV)

Doc. Assem bly/AU/6(XXV)

The Assembly,

  1. TAKES NOTE of the Commission Progress Report on the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak and NOTES that the EVD outbreak emergency is over and ASEOWA is preparing for the final exit by the end of its current mandate on 18 August 2015;

  2. CONGRATULATES the People and Government of Liberia on being declared Ebola free by the WHO on 9 May 2015;


  1. to all Member States that contributed volunteer health workers to ASEOWA and COMMENDS the Commission for putting in place adequate safety measures that ensured the safe return of all the volunteer health workers;

  2. to Member States and Partners that supported ASEOWA and the affected countries with financial and material resources.

  1. INVITES all Member States to participate at the highest level, in the International Conference on Africa’s Fight against Ebola being organized under the theme: “Africa Helping Africa in the Ebola Recovery and Reconstruction", that will take place in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea from 20 to 21 July 2015;

  2. COMMENDS the African Private Sector for their financial and material support and REQUESTS Member States to facilitate the continuation of the SMS initiative by granting required approval through their national regulatory authorities to the Mobile Network Operators;

  3. REQUESTS the Commission:

  1. to undertake a comprehensive review of the Humanitarian Policy Framework in order to capture an expanded disaster management protocol that addresses the current gaps in the coordination of response to disasters and emergencies by the Commission and to submit to the January 2016 Summit;

  2. In collaboration with Member States and Development Partners to establish an African Volunteer Health Corps to be deployed during disease outbreaks and other health emergencies and to report regularly to the Assembly on progress made.

  1. DECIDES to remain seized of the matter and REQUESTS the Commission to report on progress and the implementation of this decision to the Executive Council in January 2016.

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