Decision on Burundi

CM/Dec.522 (LXXII) Rev.1


Council :

  1. TAKES NOTE of the Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Burundi;

  2. PAYS DESERVED TRIBUTE to the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere for his invaluable and inestimable contribution to the restoration of peace in Burundi;

  3. COMMENDS the Facilitator of the Burundi Peace Process, Mr Nelson Mandela, for his on-going efforts to bring about reconciliation and lasting peace in Burundi ;

  4. CALLS ON the Parties to continue to cooperate with the Facilitator to ensure the success of the negotiations ;

  5. STRONGLY URGES the armed groups to fully and effectively participate in the negotiations, so as to facilitate a speedy conclusion of a cease-fire agreement and a comprehensive peace Accord ;

  6. CONDEMNS the acts of violence perpetrated by the armed groups against innocent civilian populations and personnel of humanitarian agencies;

  7. ENCOURAGES the Government of Burundi to complete the dismantling of the regroupement camps by the end of July, 2000, in accordance with the commitment it has already made to this effect;

  8. URGES the International Community to resume cooperation with Burundi, during the current phase of the peace process and during the post-conflict period, thereby helping to promote the reconstruction and development in that country.

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