Regulation C/REG.6/10/98 on the Organisation of an ECODRUG Raffle Draw (Lottery)

Economic Community of West African States

Regulation C/REG.6/10/98 on the Organisation of an ECODRUG Raffle Draw (Lottery)

The Council of Ministers,MINDFUL of Articles 10, 11 and 12 of the Revised Treaty establishing the Council of Ministers and defining its composition and functions;MINDFUL of Resolution A/RES.2/8/97 relating to drug prevention and control in West Africa and endorsing the Praia Political Declaration and Plan of Action;MINDFUL of Regulation C/REG.4/8/97 on the financing of drug control activities and granting funds to the Regional Fund for Financing Drug Control Activities in West Africa (ECODRUG FUND);CONSIDERING Article 17 of the Statutes of the Regional Fund for financing Drug Control activities in West Africa (ECODRUG Fund) which provides that the resources for the control of drug activities may be derived from any sources approved by the Council of Ministers;DESIRING to gather substantial funds for the execution of Community programmes in the war against drug abuse and illicit trafficking in all member States;CONSIDERING that a lottery project, through its grassroots orientation, will help to popularise the aims and objectives of ECOWAS in all the Member States, promote mutual understanding and cooperation, complement the efforts of Member States in the fight against drug abuse and raise funds for Community programmes;ON THE RECOMMENDATION of the 22nd Meeting of the Administration and Finance Commission held in Abuja from 13th to 22nd October, 1998;ENACTS

Article 1

The Executive Secretariat is hereby authorised to organise, in all Member States, a raffle draw (Lottery) as a means of raising funds for the ECODRUG Fund.

Article 2

In carrying out the activity in Article 1 above, the Secretariat shall cooperate with the relevant authorities of the Member States and shall, to the extent of its international status, diplomatic immunities and privileges, abide by the rules and regulations governing such activity in the Member States.

Article 3

The sum of $56,848 (fifty-six thousand, eight hundred and forty-eight United States dollars) is hereby approved as a loan to pre-finance the initial raffle draw to be conducted in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, All subsequent activities of the raffle draw shall be financed from the resources it generates.

Article 4

This Regulation shall be published by the Executive Secretariat in the Official Journal of the Community within thirty (30) days of its signature by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers.It shall also be published in the National Gazette of each Member State within the same time frame.Done at Abuja, this 28th day of October, 1998.Rasheed Gbadamosi,Chairman, for Council.
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