Regulation C/REG.4/8/99 Adopting a Single Customs Declaration Form within ECOWAS


Economic Community of West African States

Regulation C/REG.4/8/99 Adopting a Single Customs Declaration Form within ECOWAS

The Council of Ministers,MINDFUL of Articles 10, 11 and 12 of the Revised ECOWAS Treaty establishing the Council of Ministers and defining its composition and functions;MINDFUL of Article 46 of the Revised ECOWAS Treaty relating to customs co-operation and administration;MINDFUL of Decision C/DEC.3/11/82 dated 17th November, 1982 establishing regulations for the codification of customs, statistical and fiscal regimes within ECOWAS;CONSIDERING the need to simplify customs clearance procedures in order to facilitate and accelerate movement of goods across the borders of Member States and that of the community by adopting a single customs declaration form;ON THE RECOMMENDATION of the Thirty-ninth Meeting of the Trade, Customs, Immigration, Money and Payments Commission held in Abuja from 17th to 19th May, 1999;ENACTS

Article 1

There is hereby adopted, for application in all Member States, the Single Customs Declaration form (SCD) and the accompanying Explanatory Notes and Instructions, specimens of which are attached hereto.

Article 2

The Single Customs Document referred to in Article 1 above shall replace Declaration Form "C" for home consumption, Form "E" for exportation, Form "S" for suspensory regimes, and Form "R" for re-exportation, which were adopted by the Council of Ministers in 1992 in Decision C/DEC.3/11/82 referred to above.

Article 3

The provisions of Decision C/DEC.3/11/82 of 17th November, 1982 are hereby cancelled and the old customs declaration forms enumerated above shall therefore cease to be valid.

Article 4

Member States and the Executive Secretariat shall take all necessary measures to ensure application of this Regulation.

Article 5

This Regulation shall be published in the Official Journal of the Community by the Executive Secretariat within thirty days of its signature by the Chairman of Council.
It shall also be published by each Member State in its National Gazette within the same time-frame.Done at Abuja, this 20th day of August, 1999Abdoul Hamid S.B. Tidjani-Dourodjaye,Chairman, for Council.
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