Regulation C/REG.10/12/00 Relating to the Organisation of the Third ECOWAS Trade Fair

Economic Community of West African States

Regulation C/REG.10/12/00 Relating to the Organisation of the Third ECOWAS Trade Fair

The Council of Ministers,MINDFUL of Articles 10, 11 and 12 of the Revised Treaty establishing the Council of Ministers and defining its composition and functions;MINDFUL of Decision C/DEC.5/5/82 dated 26 May, 1982 of the Council of Ministers relating to the programming of trade fairs;MINDFUL of Decision C/DEC.7/7/85 dated 3 July, 1985 of the Council of Ministers establishing a Consultation and Coordination Committee for the programming of trade fairs and similar commercial events in ECOWAS Member States;CONSCIOUS of the importance of trade fairs and exhibitions in the development of trade between Member States of the Community;ON THE RECOMMENDATION of the Trade, Customs, Immigration, Money and Payments Commission which met in Bamako from 27th to 30th November, 2000.ENACTS

Article 1

The Togolese Republic is hereby selected to host the Third ECOWAS Trade Fair.

Article 2

The Third ECOWAS Trade Fair shall be held from 7 to 16 March 2003.The fair shall be multi-sectoral in concept with priority given to professional meetings and organisation of buyers/sellers meetings.

Article 3

There is hereby established a Regional Organising Committee which shall be responsible for the organisation of the Third ECOWAS Trade Fair.The Regional organising Committee is constituted as follows:one representative from each of the Member States having permanent trade fair facilities: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo;one representative from the Federation of West African Manufacturers Association;one representative from the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce;one representative from the West African Women's Association;one representative of the ECOWAS Executive Secretariat and one representative of the ECOWAS Fund.

Article 4

The Regional Organising Committee of the Third ECOWAS Trade Fair shall:
(i)supervise all activities relating to the preparation and organisation of the fair;
(ii)assist the Executive Secretariat in all measures taken by the latter in this regard.

Article 5

There is hereby established within the Regional Organising Committee an Ad-hoc Monitoring Committee which shall be made up of representatives from Ghana, Senegal, Togo, and the ECOWAS Executive Secretariat

Article 6

The Ad-hoc Monitoring Committee shall be responsible for implementing the recommendations of the Regional Organising Committee it shall report on its activities to that body.

Article 7

The activities of (he two committees shall be funded from the budget of the Community.

Article 8

This Regulation shall be published by the Executive Secretariat in the Official Journal of the Community within thirty (30) days of its signature by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. It shall also be published by each Member State in its National Gazette within the same time-frame.
Done at Bamako, this 12th day of December, 2000Mr. Bacari KoneChairman for the Council
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