Regulation C/REG.12/12/06 Formally Establishing a Community Levy Management Committee at the ECOWAS Commission

Economic Community of West African States

Regulation C/REG.12/12/06 Formally Establishing a Community Levy Management Committee at the ECOWAS Commission

The Council of Ministers,MINDFUL of Articles 10, 11 and 12 of the ECOWAS Treaty as amended in June 2006 establishing the Council of Ministers and defining its composition and functions;MINDFUL of Article 72 of the ECOWAS Treaty introducing a Community Levy to generate revenue for financing the activities of the Community;MINDFUL of Protocol A/P1/7/96 on the conditions governing the application of the Community Levy;MINDFUL of Regulation C/Reg. 1/9/03 as amended by C/Reg.9/07/04 adopting measures to facilitate and accelerate effective implementation of the Community Levy;ACKNOWLEDGING THAT compliance with the Community Levy requirements by Member States has improved considerably;DESIRING however to improve on the existing mechanism for the collection and disbursement of the proceeds of the Levy;ON THE RECOMMENDATION of the Thirty-Sixth Meeting of the Administration and Finance Committee which was held in Abuja, from 22 - 27 November 2007 and in Ouagadougou on 15 and 16 December 2006;ENACTS

Article 1

A Community Levy Management Committee is hereby formally established at the ECOWAS Commission.

Article 2

Members of the Community Levy Management Committee are as follows:
1.The Vice President - Chairman
2.The Financial Controller - Member
3.The Commissioner for Administration & Finance - Member
4.The Commissioner for Trade & Customs, Industry, mines, free movement of persons & goods - Member
5.Heads of ECOWAS Institutions - Members

Article 3

The functions of the Committee shall include:taking measures to ensure full implementation of the provisions of the Protocol on the Conditions for the Application of the Community levy;recommending political measures to address the difficulties encountered by Member States in the application of the Community levy;allocating the proceeds of the Community levy;making proposals for the allocation of sectoral and structural funds;taking necessary performance-enhancing measures;exploring avenues for the funding of the Community andpreparing the annual report.

Article 4

1.A sub-committee shall support the Community Levy Management Committee in its work and shall be composed of one representative each from the departments of Audit, Trade and Customs and Finance;
2.The sub-committee referred to in paragraph I shall carry out monitoring missions in Member States in collaboration with the ECOWAS National Units and the National Committees for the Management of the Community Levy, based on terms of reference to be defined by the Community Levy Management Committee;
3.The Sub-committee shall prepare an annual report on behalf of the Community Levy Management Committee which will endorse it for submission to the Council of Ministers through the Administration and Finance Committee.

Article 5

This Regulation shall be published in the Official Journal of the Community by the Commission within thirty (30) days of its signature by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. It shall also be published within the same time frame in the National Gazette of each Member State.
Done at Ouagadougou, this 19th day of December, 2006Hon. Aïchatou Mindaoudou,Chairperson, for the Council.
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