Regulation C/REG.4/06/07 Fixing the Mileage Rate Payable During Official Missions for the Community

Economic Community of West African States

Regulation C/REG.4/06/07 Fixing the Mileage Rate Payable During Official Missions for the Community

The Council of Ministers,MINDFUL of Articles 10, 11 and 12 of the ECOWAS Treaty, as amended, establishing the Council of Ministers and defining its composition and functions;MlNDFUL of the provisions of Article 52, paragraphs (a, e - (1) and (2), of the Staff Regulations relating to the conditions and modalities for travel by road;MINDFUL of Regulation C/REG.2/06/07 adopting revised rates of daily subsistence allowance (Per Diem) payable to Ministers, Parliamentarians, staff of ECOWAS Institutions and experts of technical Committees, during official missions undertaken on behalf of the Community;MINDFUL of Regulation C/REG.3/06/07 on sponsorship of cost of transport and payment of sitting allowances to members of the ECOWAS Council of Ministers;CONSIDERING that participants at meetings and on missions of the Institutions of the Community often use vehicles either belonging to them or rented, for which they incur expenses;CONSIDERING that travels undertaken in this manner are undertaken in the interest of the Community, and that consequently, the Community should bear the costs thereof, provided that the itinerary followed shall be the most direct and the most economical;DESIRING to fix a mileage rate payable to facilitate the reimbursement of the expenses incurred in respect of transportation of the afore-mentioned persons;ON THE RECOMMENDATION of the first meeting of the Administration and Finance Committee, held in Abuja from 21 to 25 May 2007.ENACTS

Article 1

1.The mileage rate of four hundred CFA Francs (400 Fr CFA) per kilometer is hereby fixed for persons who travel in their own vehicles or in rented vehicles in order to participate in meetings or to undertake missions for Institutions of the Community;
2.The allowance referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be calculated and applied to the distance (return trip) separating the capital city of the country of residence of the person concerned from the venue of the meeting or mission.

Article 2

Where several persons travel in the same private vehicle or rented vehicle, the mileage rate shall be payable to the owner of the vehicle or to the manager of the car rental agency.

Article 3

The Community shall not be responsible for the use of the private vehicle or of the rented vehicle in respect of any accident, damage to the vehicle, or claims emanating from a third party.

Article 4

This Regulation shall be published by the Commission in the Official Journal of the Community within thirty (30) days of its signature by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. It shall also be published within the same time in the Official Gazette of each Member State.
Done at Ouagadougou, this 5th day of June, 2007Hon. Youssouf OuedraogoChairman, for the Council.
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