South Africa

Nursing Act, 2005

Regulations regarding Fees and Fines Payable to the South African Nursing Council: Amendment

Board Notice 52 of 2020

  • Published in Government Gazette no. 43223 on 9 April 2020

  • Assented to on 8 April 2020
  • Commenced on 9 April 2020

  • [Up to date as at 9 April 2020]


1.In this notice "the regulations" shall mean the Regulations Regarding Fees and Fines Payable to The South African Nursing Council published by Government Notice No. R170 of 8 March 2013;2.In this notice "Board Notice" shall mean Board Notice 80 of 2019 published under the Regulations.

Restoration fees

To include into the Board Notice before paragraph 8, a paragraph 7 (A) that holds:7(A)"Despite any notice to the contrary, any Nurse Practitioner who wishes to restore to the register for the sole purpose of rendering health services during the COVID-19 National State of Disaster in the:I. Prevention of COVID-19, and or;II. Prevention of the spread of COVID-19, and or;III. Treatment of patients affected by COVID-19,for the period of the declared National State Disaster shall pay a restoration fee of R0.00."Ms S.A MchunuRegistrar and CEOSouth African Nursing Council

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