South Africa

Disaster Management Act, 2002

Adjusted Level 4 Directions for Older Persons’ Residential Facilities and Community Nutrition Development Centres

Government Notice 608 of 2021

  • Published in Government Gazette no. 44824 on 9 July 2021

  • Assented to on 7 July 2021
  • Commenced on 9 July 2021

  • [Up to date as at 9 July 2021]

I, Ms Lindiwe Zulu, the Minister of Social Development, in terms of regulation 4(5)(a) read with regulation 4(10) of the Regulations made under section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act No. 57 of 2002) and published in Government Gazette No. 43258, Government Notice No. R480 of 29 April 2020 as amended, hereby issue the Directions set out in the Schedule hereto, in order to alleviate, contain and minimise the effects of COVID-19.Ms Lindiwe Zulu, MPMinister of Social Development

1. Application

These Directions apply for the duration of Adjusted Alert Level 4 declared in terms of Government Notice No. R.564 of 27 June 2021.

2. Community Nutrition and Development Centres (CNDCs)

Sitting and eating at CNDCs is prohibited. However, visiting by beneficiaries to CNDCs to collect food is allowed, subject to compliance with the following measures:(a)Symptom screening(i)Every person visiting a CNDC must be screened to ascertain whether they have any symptoms associated with COVID-19, namely fever, cough, sore throat, redness of eyes, shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing or elevated temperature.(ii)A person may not be allowed to enter the premises of a CNDC if such a person presents with symptoms outlined in subparagraph (i).(b)Social distancingA person in charge of the facility or centre must ensure that-(i)minimal contact between persons is maintained;(ii)there is a minimum of one and a half metres between persons; and(iii)there is adherence to the Health Protocols.(c)Personal Protective Equipment(i)The wearing of a facemask or other item that covers the nose and mouth is compulsory for the duration of any visit to a CNDC.(ii)A Health Officer in charge of the premises must ensure that hand sanitiser, disinfectants and facilities to wash hands with water and soap are available and that the hand sanitiser has at least 70% alcohol content, or is a generic alternative and is in accordance with the recommendations of the Department of Health.(iii)Surfaces and equipment must be cleaned before, during and after every visit.(iv)Areas such as toilets, common areas and door handles must be regularly cleaned.(d)Health Protocols for Facilities or Centres(i)A Health Officer in charge of the premises must ensure that seating arrangements, where applicable, are compliant with social distancing norms of at least one and a half metres between persons.(ii)A person in charge of the CNDC must keep a register which must be archived for a period of not less than a month with the following details of every person visiting:(aa)Full names;(bb)Residential address; and(cc)Contact number.(iii)Where physical contact with an object is required, such object must be sanitised before contact by another person.(iv)Persons over the age of 60 years and people with comorbidities must be encouraged not to visit.(v)Persons over the age of 60 years and people with comorbidities will have cooked meals delivered to their households.(vi)Persons delivering cooked meals to persons over the age of 60 and people with comorbidities must also adhere to all the Covid-19 requirements of sanitisation, wearing of masks and keeping 1.5m physical distancing.

3. Visits to older persons’ residential facilities

Visits to older persons’ residential facilities are prohibited during Adjusted Alert Level 4.

4. Short title and commencement

These Directions are called Adjusted Level 4 Directions for older persons’ residential facilities and Community Nutrition Development Centres, and come into effect on the date of publication in the Government Gazette.

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