Copyright & A2K Issues - 6 September 2018

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Intellectual Property:

South Africa: Copyright Amendment Bill, Version No. 3, 2018

Response to IIPA Comments to USTR Regarding South Africa’s Copyright Amendments Bill and AGOA Eligibility

Is the U.S. Fair Use Doctrine Compatible with Berne and TRIPS Obligations:

The Copyright reform must also be fair to European researchers and entrepreneurs

Creative Markets and Copyright in the Fourth Industrial Era: Reconfiguring the Public Benefit for a Digital Trade Economy

 The copyright reform bug that risks derailing Europe’s AI ambitions

The future of copyright in Europe

SAMRO’s Dubai scandal deepens

Explainer: can you copyright furniture? (Australia)

Ninth Circuit Stops Monkeying Around And Denies En Banc Review Of The Monkey Selfie Case


Questionable Publishing Practices:

Competition Commission to investigate price-fixing of school and university textbooks (South Africa)

Predatory Publishing Practices: Is There Life After Beall’s List?

Are the Predatory Publishers Collapsing or Re-Inventing Themselves?

Resources to Avoid Predatory Journal and Book Publishers


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Scientific journal subscriptions are facing extinction: open-access is on the horizon in Europe

Radical open-access plan could spell end to journal subscriptions

Science Without Publication Paywalls: cOAlition S for the Realisation of Full and Immediate Open Access

Stakeholders united in the charge for transformation: Plan S and the Open Access 2020 Initiative

Peter Suber – Thoughts on Plan S

LIBER Supports New Plan to Make Open Access A Reality By 2020

NWO joins international coalition to accelerate the transition to open access


Open Science:

The African Open Science Platform: The Future of Science and the Science of the Future

Do we need an Open Science Coalition?


Conference Alerts:

2018 HEDSA Biennial Symposium

11-12 September 2018 - Johannesburg, South Africa


19th Annual LIASA Conference 2018

8, 9-12 October 2018 – Cape Town, South Africa


Respect for IP – Growing from the Tip of Africa : International Conference 2018

23-25 October 2018 – Sandton, South Africa


International Data Week

5-8 November 2018 - Gaborone, Botswana


Science Forum

12-14 December 2018 – Pretoria, South Africa



24-30 August 2019 – Athens, Greece




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