Copyright & A2K Issues - 17 September 2018

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Intellectual Property:

The man behind the EU’s copyright law is “surprised” by what’s in the proposal

Science Europe Press Release: European Parliament Vote on Copyright Fails to Provide Legal Clarity for Research

Why you might have to give up your memes

German Supreme Court Asks Europe for Guidance in YouTube Copyright Ruling

Will EU copyright overhaul ‘break’ the internet?

Copyright owners to get piracy relief  (Thailand)

Copyright Directive: the cultural industry and press publishers feed on the crumbs of the mass surveillance business

Aripo launches regional intellectual property database


Access and the Marrakesh Treaty:

The role of Public private partnerships in access to education by visually impaired persons:

The Marrakesh Treaty and the Accessible Books Consortium


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

The Long-Term Preservation of Open Access Journals

Inequality in Knowledge Production: The Integration of Academic Infrastructure by Big Publishers

In Defence of the Accused, or How to Prove Academic Wrongdoing

Journalism, ‘Fake News’ & Disinformation

European Funding Bodies Announce Ban On Paywalled Articles



The Plagiarist on Trial – a legal perspective on plagiarism

Factors influencing plagiarism in higher education: A comparison of German and Slovene students

Will anti-plagiarism rules improve research credibility?

Plagiarism Tutorials


Data Management:

Data Collection and Privacy

Google unveils search engine for open data

Open Data Resources


Conference Alerts:

LIASA Conference

8, 9 – 12 October 2018 - Cape Town, South Africa

Draft programme -


Science Forum

12-14 December 2018 – Pretoria, South Africa



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