Copyright & A2K Issues - 23 November 2018

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Intellectual Property:

South Africa: University Life And Intellectual Property

South Africa:  Spirit Of The Law - Copyright Protection In The Digital Era Of Publishing (Video)

African Civil Society Outcry Over ARIPO’s Closed Decision-Making on Health and IP

Amendments To The Intellectual Property Act In Kenya

Canada: Misleading on Fair Dealing, Part 1: Access Copyright’s Inconsistent Claims on the Legal Effect of the 2012 Fair Dealing Reforms

Canada: Misleading on Fair Dealing, Part 2: Why Access Copyright’s Claim of 600 Million Uncompensated Copies Doesn’t Add Up

Canada: Misleading on Fair Dealing, Part 3: Data Shows Books Are Rapidly Declining as Part of Coursepack Materials

Canada: Misleading on Fair Dealing, Part 4: The Shift from Coursepacks to Digital Course Management Systems


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Converting Scholarly Journals to Open Access: A Review of Approaches and Experiences

Addressing the Crisis in Academic Publishing

Funders have all the power in OA negotiations. So why aren’t they using it?

Elsevier: putting a price on knowledge

The Global Benefits of Open Research


Open Access Book Publishing and Selection Bias

Digital Publishing – Four Apps that will benefit Journalists

What Is the Best Type of Open Access for Philosophy and Other Humanities Disciplines? (guest post by Roberta Millstein)


Conference Alerts:

International Digital Curation Conference,

4-7 Australia, 2019 - Melbourne, Australia

The Creative Commons Global Summit

9-11 May 2019 - Lisbon, Portugal, 9-11 May 2019.

Groups audience: