Copyright & A2K Issues - 14 February 2019

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Intellectual Property:

South Africa: Copyright Amendment Bill -

Dates for debates in National Council of Provinces (NCoP) – 13 and 27 February and 6 and 27 March 2019.

Agreement reached on digital copyright rules (EU)

Mixed Messages – Provisional Deal on Draft EU Copyright Directive Retains Key Flaws

It’s Crunch Time For The Future Of Europe’s Artificial Intelligence – Europe Needs A Mandatory TDM Exception

Copyright Just Lifted on Lots of Neat Stuff


Predatory Publishing Practices:

Predatory Publishing Resources

Blacklisting or Whitelisting? Deterring Faculty in Developing Countries from Publishing in Substandard Journals

Identifying Deceptive Publishers: A Checklist

Jeffrey Beall: South Asia has a worldwide reputation for being a center of predatory publishing


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Guide to Transitioning Journals to Open Access Publishing

OpenAIRE’s response on the Implementation Guidelines of Plan S

Hindawi’s response to Plan S: be the catalyst for change you deserve to be

Turning principles into practice: EUA’s response to the Plan S Implementation Guidance

Comment: ARL Feedback on Plan S Open Access Implementation Guidelines

SPARC Europe’s response to the Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S


Critical watchpoints about Plan S implementation guidance | A contribution of the Open Science Committee


Plagiarism Issues:

How AI Will Change Authorship and Plagiarism


IFLA Conference 2019 – Grants:


Groups audience: