Copyright & A2K Issues - 26 March 2019

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Intellectual Property:

European Parliament Approves New Copyright Rules for the Internet

South Africa Moves Forward With Creator Rights Agenda

The Copyright Amendment Bill will improve publishing, not destroy it (South Africa)

LETTER: Copyright bill a ray of hope (SA)

Fair Use in South Africa

About the SA Copyright Amendment Bill – ReCreate ZA

A Simple Guide To Fair Use: How To Apply Fair Use To Your Copyright Scenarios

'Star Trek'/Dr. Seuss Mashup Deemed Copyright Fair Use by Judge

Episode 4: Going Inside Canada’s Copyright Review

When does AI infringe copyright?

Willie's Creative Commons Lesson: The Essential Attribution Requirement

The global South is changing how knowledge is made, shared and used


Privacy Issues:

Elsevier exposes users’ emails and passwords online

Facebook left millions of passwords readable by employees


Groups audience: