Copyright & A2K Issues - 20 August 2019

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Intellectual Property:

South Africa:

The New Draft Copyright Bill Could Help Unlock the Doors of Learning and Culture (South Africa)

Proposed Legislation Will Benefit Musicians Significantly – Deputy Minister Gina

Decolonising Copyright (Seminar at Wits on 7 August 2019)

Decolonising Copyright: Building Our Creative and Information Economy

Final Version of the SA Copyright Amendment Bill

Commonly asked questions about the SA Copyright Bill;

Genesis and Process of SA Copyright Bill and

Fair Use/Fair Dealing

South Africa: Considering A Rebrand? The Copyright Conundrum



Can’t Get Away From Fair Use

The Impact of Copyright Exceptions for Researchers on Scholarly Input

How protecting intellectual property can impact on human rights

Linking Liability

The Right to Read is the Right To Mine: But Not When Blocked by Technical Protection Measures

Why Carl Malamud's Latest Brilliant Project, To Mine The World's Research Papers, Is Based In India

Collective Management of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in Canada: An International Perspective


Copyright exceptions not extended by freedom of expression rights (EU)

Educators’ Unions in Australia and the EU Call For Education to be Carved out of Trade Negotiations



Google’s ‘Assignments’ tool flags plagiarism and missing sources

Plagiarism resources


Conference alerts:

Triple Helix – A Catalyst for Change

9-11 September 2019 – Cape Town, South Africa


LIASA Conference 2019 - LIASA: the butterfly effect

30 September – 4 October 2019 – Durban, South Africa


The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Library Practices

23-26 October 2019 – Johannesburg, South Africa


Groups audience: