Copyright & A2K Issues - 30 January 2020

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Intellectual Property:

South Africa Warns Trump About Premature Trade Review

The Effect of Copyright Term Length on South African Book Markets (with Reference to the Google Book Project)

Articles, letters & submissions related to USTR review of South African GPS agreements

Questions and Answers about the SA Copyright Amendment Bill (updated Jan 2020)

WTO TRIPS Council: South Africa’s submission on The WTO TRIPS Agreement and the Copyright Three-Step Test

Brexit saves UK from the terrible EU copyright laws it helped create

Article 17: Both French and Dutch Implementation Proposals Lack Key User Rights Safeguards

U.S. Appellate Court Enforces Cc’s Interpretation Of Noncommercial

Pushing on the Paywalls: Extending Licensed Resource Access to External Partners to Enhance Collaborative Research


Predatory Publishing Practices:


Predatory publishing and predatory journals: a critical review and proposed research agenda for higher education

Predatory publishing resources

Predatory Publishing Practices: Is There Life After Beall’s List?



Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Discovering millions of datasets on the web - DataSet

Let Authors Choose How to Pay for Peer Review and Publication

Is Sci-Hub Safe?

Scholarly Publishers Are Happy to Give Stuff Away If Someone Pays Them

The Machine as author -

The 2019 Altmetric Top 100

Springer Nature and OpenAIRE collaborate to further Open Science

'Access is a human right': how deaf and disabled people are transforming theatre

Cambridge University Press strikes first major read and publish agreement in Japan

The ground-breaking subscribe-to-open pilot – Berghahn Open Anthro – will flip thirteen anthropology journals to open access in 2020

Access for patients – and other ways to get Elsevier articles without a subscription

What Does Open Research Mean To You?

Open Scholarship Knowledge Base

Growth of African Research, Equity in Access and Dissemination of African content - the Catalysts (PPT)


Conferences/Summits : Call for Papers:

2020 Creative Commons Global Summit

14-16 May, 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal


IFLA OT Section – International Symposium on Robotics and AI in Libraries

8-10 June 2020 - Future Africa Campus, University of Pretoria, South Africa

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Conference: Open Repositories

1-4 June 2020 - Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa



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