Copyright & A2K Issues - 21 May 2020

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Intellectual Property:

EU Joins in the Bullying Of South Africa for Daring to Adopt US-Style Fair Use Principles

Open letter to the EU Ambassador to South Africa on Copyright Laws

Open letter to President Ramaphosa on South African copyright laws

United States still looking to ‘punish’ South Africa for Copyright Bill

FOIA: Film industry lobbies South Africa’s Parliament to suspend Copyright Amendment Bill

IAEA denounces industry attempts to sway key copyright reform in South Africa

Documents and related resources on USTR review re: SA Copyright Amendment Bill

South Africa’s Copyright Amendment Bill – One Year On

LIASA Supports UNESCO Initiative and SA Copyright Amendment Bill

Why South Africa Should Resist US Pressure to Extend Copyright Terms


New policy paper on fundamental rights as a limit to copyright during emergencies

Federal Court of Appeal Deals Access Copyright Huge Blow As It Overturns York University Copyright Decision (Canada)

Education in Times of Crisis and Beyond: Maximizing Copyright Flexibilities

Copyright, Creative Commons, and Confusion

Online Learning and Copyright Exceptions for Education

The Digital Public Domain

Libraries Do Not Need Permission to Lend Books: Fair Use, First Sale, and the Fallacy of Licensing Culture

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