Late last year ULII in conjunction with AfricanLII, embarked on a project to upgrade her website not only to give a new face to the site but to enhance the search capacity and management of content on line. As a result a new website was developed by AfricanLII, all the content on the old ULII site was imported to the new site and the domain name transferred to point to the new site. After all this there was need for the ULII editorial team to get hands- on experience of the new site. Thus AfricanLII arranged for a short training of the ULII team that travelled to Johannesburg to attend the said training. On 7 May 2012, I, together with Emmanuel Yeka, the systems administrator of the Judicial Studies Institute, traveled to Johannesburg to attend the said training.

This training was funded by The Netherlands Government under the NUFFIC project and co-funded by Africanlii.

Objectives of the training;

The major objectives of the training were;

  1. To get hands- on experience on the operation of the new ULII website.
  2. To plan for migration of the domain name and the hosting of the site.
  3. To plan for the operation of ULII in relation to the movement of the law via the internet.

As a result of the said training, the content managers at ULII are to upload content and within a matter of minutes, the same will be made visible to the users. Also, the site administrators are now able to add or remove features from the site depending on their taste. The content on line can also be edited very easily contrary to the old system where it was almost difficult for the ULII team to edit any content on line.

I have already got feedback especially from our Judges who are very impressed with the new outlook of the site

Our sincere thanks to the management and entire staff of AfricanLII who not only cosponsored the training, but guaranteed our comfort and enjoyment while in Johannesburg. We also thank our sponsors (NUFFIC) for funding the trip.