Lesotho Law Society’s Aim to Fuse the Profession of Attorney and Advocate


The Law Society of Lesotho through the authority of His Majesty the King has proposed into the amendment of its Rules under legal notice 50 of 2012. http://www.lesotholii.org/content/law-society-rules-2012

The proposed Bill thus aimed at merging the professions of Attorney and Advocate will be tabled before Parliament for deliberation, once the Legal fraternity has submitted its suggestions and the consultant tasked with its formulation are done with their respective tasks.

Through a Memo issued by the Secretary of the Council dated the 03rd of July, 2012, the office of the Law Society has rectified a misconception raised by paragraph 1 of the proposed Bill. The Bill had indicated that the rules will come into force on the date of publication of the Government Gazettes which is beside the point as they are still prepared for tabling before Parliament. He has also halted the production of the rules for sale by the Government pending tabling before Parliament. Legal practitioners are invited make their suggestions and comments on any amendments to be made and send them to the Office of the Law Society before the Bill is tabled before Parliament.

In an extra ordinary meeting, the proposed Bill will also be tabled before the members of the Law Society, The Secretary of the Law Society has further stated. Once deliberations on the Bill have passed Parliament date of operation for the Rules will then published to members and all other relevant stakeholders. Herein is an attachment of the Memo by The Secretary of the Council.