We’ve done the heavy lifting for you!  This is our Indigo Legislation Platform.

We develop and maintain a system (and offer training) that makes it easier for organizations to capture and update legislation.

The Indigo Legislation Platform, which AfricanLII built and maintains collaboratively with Laws.Africa, allows legal information publishers to capture, correct and amend legislative documents, manage a collection of legislation, and make the legislation available to end users via a website (or app), all at a low cost.

The Indigo Legislation Platform produces legislation in a future-proof AkomaNtoso XML standard format. AkomaNtoso is used by various private and public institutions, including the European Parliament.

You can read the documentation of the Indigo Legislation Platform here or get in touch with us to set up a demo for you on the platform hereIndigo is also on GitHub.

You can also see how easy it is to import legislation into Indigo here: