Are you a lawyer, judge, clerk, NGO or legal professional? Have you used the case law of the African Court on Human and People’s Rights in your work?

If so, the new AfCite Project would be keen to hear from you at africancourtmap [at]

The AfCite Project wants to identify and gather citations of the decisions issued by the African Court. That collection would enable the project to build a ‘map’ of the court’s influence, showing how its decisions impacted on the judgments of the continent’s national judiciaries.

The project leaders explain: 'Despite the relatively small numbers of states providing direct individual and NGO access, the decisions of the African Court remain a significance source of precedent. The decisions not only apply to those involved in the matters, but also more generally as authoritative interpretations of the African Charger. Domestic lawyers and courts in states across Africa have been using the precedent established in decisions of the African Court to help support their positions on important human rights questions in their local jurisdictions, as has been demonstrated by the courts in Lesotho, South Africa and Tanzania. It is these filings by lawyers and decisions of domestic courts that we wish to map.’

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