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Copyright & A2K Issues - 2 June 2017 (Pt 1)


Intellectual Property:

Australian Productivity Commission Slams Protectionist Copyright and Patent Laws


Copyright Experts: Fair Use is Not Getting a Fair Deal in Australia


Copyright & A2K Issues - 28 February 2017 (Pt 2)


Intellectual Property:

Fair Dealing Week 2017


Fair Use in Korea


Argentinian Copyright Office Proposes to add Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright Act



Copyright & A2K Issues - 27 February 2017


Intellectual Property:

A better copyright reform for education


Fair Use as Consumer Protection


Copyright & A2K Issues - 14 July 2016


Intellectual Property:

The Role of Human Rights in Copyright Enforcement Online: Elaborating a Legal Framework for Website Blocking


The Right to Think Is the Right to Quote – #Fixcopyright with Wide Quotations Exception!



Copyright & A2K Issues - 28 March 2016 (part 1)


Intellectual Property:

Fair Use Week 2016 – Day One with Guest Expert Kenneth D. Crews


Fair Use Week 2016 – Day Two with Guest Expert Krista Cox


Copyright & A2K Issues - 24 April 2015



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Intellectual Property

Copyright and the Value of the Public Domain: An empirical assessment (2015)(UK IPO)


Copyright & A2K Issues - 5 March 2015


Intellectual Property:

Letter from 50 Legal Scholars to South African Government, re: Flexible Copyright Exceptions



Traditional Knowledge:

Ensuring that the Vulcan Salute Can Live Long and Prosper