Copyright & A2K Issues - 20 January 2017 (Pt 2)


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication

The Future of Organization Identifiers

Open Scholarship Early and Often: A Community Conversation on Increasing Openness

If accessing relevant evidence is the question, are medical journals still the answer?


Copyright & A2K Issues - 20 January 2017 (Pt 1)


Intellectual Property:

Frontiers position statement: Impact of EU copyright reform on open science and innovation

EU Copyright Reform: Leading research groups call for more change


Copyright & A2K Issues - 19 January 2017


Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill (South Africa):

Update on Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill – the CaC Bill (South Africa) – Possible actions you can take


Predatory Publishers:


Copyright & A2K Issues - 18 January 2016 (Part 2)


Intellectual Property:

Copyright & Related Resources

Copyright Guidelines for Staff & Students for Wits (useful for other SA institutions too).

Copyright Guidelines for South African Schools (rev. 2017)


Legal Deposit in South Africa - 17 January 2017


How to obtain ISBNs, ISSNs and ISMNs

The ISN Agency at the National Library of South Africa, Pretoria, assigns ISBNs, ISSNs and ISMNs free of charge to authors and publishers, within a week from date of application.

For further information see:, or please contact the following ISN officials:-


Legal Deposit in South Africa - 16 January 2017


Happy New Year.  May 2017 be filled with happiness, good health and prosperity.

We wish to thank all publishers for their unwavering support and compliance with the Legal Deposit Act throughout 2016.  In 2017, please continue to contribute to the collection and preservation of our national documentary heritage.  

Some of the benefits of legal deposit for authors and publishers: -


Copyright & A2 Issues - 16 January 2017 (Part 2)


Intellectual Property:

Panels Present Importance of Fair Use in South Africa's Draft Copyright Amendment


Predatory Publishers:

Sad Ending; Jeffrey Beall’s Blog was shut down


Copyright & A2K Issues - 16 January 2017 (Part 1)




Open Access, A2K and Scholarly Communication:

arXiv Update – January 2017

Measuring Open Access Mandate Compliance