Copyright & A2K Issues - 26 February 2018

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Intellectual Property:

R2.1bn copyright claim against SA Government Communication Information System (GCIS) over Madiba image

Internet rages after Google removes “view image” button, bowing to Getty

Measuring the impact of piracy and open access on the academic library services



Open Access, A2k & Scholarly Communication:

Taylor & Francis scraps extra charges after university protests

Decoupling peer review from publishing

What is Text Mining?

How to Make your Research Open Access for Free and Legally (Infogram)

The South joins a global conversation on open education

Papers of Predatory Journals may soon be available in Indian languages

What’s behind OA2020? Accelerating the transition to open access with introspection and repurposing Funds

South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science Journal

The CD is dead? Not so fast


Open Data and Open Research:

Introduction: Open Data and Africa

Open data help scientists to unravel Earth systems

Frontiers Partners with Figshare to Promote Open Data

Open Research


Open Educational Resources (OER):

SUNY math professor makes the case for free and open educational resources

OER Resources


Conference Alerts:

26th Annual Fordham Intellectual Property Law & Policy Conference,

5-6 April 2018, New York City

20th International Conference on Open Access and Repositories

19-20 April, 2018 – New York, USA

OPERAS Conference: “Open Scholarly Communication in Europe. Addressing the Coordination Problem”

31 May – 1 June 2018, Athens, Greece

Groups audience: