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Copyright & A2K Issues - 21 May 2015


Stop Draconian Censorship, Classification, and Control of the Internet (South Africa) - (Serious implications for freedom of expression, access to information, internet neutrality, etc.)  


LIASA’s statement on the FPB  Draft Online Regulation Policy


South Africa:   Film and Publications Board’s Draft Online Regulation Policy

Copyright & A2K Issues - 15 May 2015


Intellectual Property;

Polish Government Drafts Reform of its IP Law

Public Access to Federally Funded Research: Copyright and Other Issues

Declaration Calls For Changes To Intellectual Property Law, Equal Access To Knowledge

Copyright & A2K Issues - 24 April 2015



I will be out of the office from 25 April until 7 May 2015, so there will be no newsletter while I am away.


Intellectual Property

Copyright and the Value of the Public Domain: An empirical assessment (2015)(UK IPO)