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Judge & applicant instructed same legal counsel: grounds for recusal?

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At first the official summary, provided at the top of all Namibian judgments, had me confused. It referred throughout to ‘I’ and ‘my’, something I had not seen before. Why was the judge featuring himself in the summary? Given my confusion, it was reassuring to find that even the judge concerned said there had been a ‘rather uncommon approach’ in this case.

Girl power in action at court

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As one of four daughters myself, I always enjoy a story where sisters stand up together against injustice aimed at any (or all) of them. This is just such a matter, involving the estate of Daniel Kamau who died in 2001. He left six sons and six daughters – but no will.

After their father’s death, some of the sons went to court and in June 2003, won an order that the estate should be distributed among the six sons.

Seychelles appoints leading Ugandan judge to its apex court

As Africa and many other parts of the world threaten to explode with anger over the rape of children and women, femicide and other forms of gender-based violence, the highest court of Seychelles has scored an important addition to its ranks. This judge brings a particular knowledge of and sensitivity to the growing problem of violence against women from her academic work as well as her experience on the highest court of her home country.

Demolish unlawful sewerage works - environmental tribunal


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Decisions of Kenya’s National Environment Tribunal are fast becoming essential reading for judges interested in the subject of environmental law.

The tribunal recently delivered a crucial ruling that stopped the development of a  coal power plant project after a local community challenged its legality.

Contempt confirmed against former top Seychelles judge

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At first it seemed impossible: how could disgraced former senior Seychelles judge, Durai Karunakaran, have become involved in yet another court dispute? The last time I wrote about him, in August, I predicted that the decision handed down days before was likely to be the last in a very long series of cases under his name. But I was wrong.