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Conservation victory as Kenyan judge rules against Ministers




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Two Kenyan cabinet ministers have been barred from giving further land to squatters or awarding any more tenders for illegal development structures in one of that country’s pristine national parks.

The urgent interdict was granted by the environment and land court earlier this month when Judge Enock Chirchir Cherono dealt with an application by petitioners Ibrahim Ibrahim and Abdi Yakub, who are trying to protect the Malka Mari national park.

Both Lesotho's top judges facing suspension

Controversies tied to the judiciary in Lesotho continued unabated this week. First shock was that Prime Minister Thomas Thabane renewed his attempt to have the Court of Appeal president, Kananelo Mosito, suspended pending an inquiry into his behaviour. It is Thabane's second attempt in just a few weeks, and follows shortly after the appeal court had ruled that Thabane could not again threaten Judge Mosito with suspension on the basis of a letter of complaint written by the Acting Chief Justice.

Former judge Michael Ramodibedi RIP

Judge Michael Ramodibedi, who died earlier this month, was appointed to the bench in Lesotho during 1986. During the next years, he also served as a judge in a number of other countries, authoring decisions in the Seychelles and Boswana among others. During 2008 he was elevated to the position of Lesotho’s Court of Appeal president, and at the same time he served on the court of appeal in what is now Eswatini.  

Daughters: 'children of a lesser god’

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Right from the start there is a lot about this case that is troubling. And Judge William Musyoka plunges right in. The case concerns the estate of Joseph Mapesa Nakuku who died in 1988. Bernard Mapesa, one of the sons and administrator of the estate, lodged a petition in the matter, saying he was ‘son of the deceased’.

His proposal was that the entire estate should be shared, unevenly, between himself and another son.

A challenge for women in Kenya: get this law changed

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The facts of the case are depressingly familiar: a nine-year-old girl is raped by her uncle. He pleads not guilty and after a full trial before an acting senior resident magistrate, he is convicted and sentenced.

The uncle, facing a 10-year term in prison, appeals to the high court where Judge William Musyoka considers the challenges to conviction and sentence.