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RIP Seychelles Justice Prithviraj Fekna

Justice Fekna fell ill on Monday and was taken to hospital. He died in hospital the following day.

The President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Francis MacGregor, addressed a ceremonial sitting on Wednesday in honour of Justice Fekna, speaking about the contribution he had made to the Supreme Court of Mauritius and as a teacher for the judicial training institute in Mauritius. Other speakers included the Chief Justice.

Judge slams domestic violence, femicide and urges tougher sentences

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The hammer used by Thami Ntshangase to murder his 19-year-old girlfriend, Phetsile Sambo, weighed five kilograms. He mustered all his force and hit her with it over the head many times. He had thought it all out, arranging with a friend to call her from her home. The friend was to say that someone wanted to speak to her, but would give that person a false name.

Top Malawi officials face jail after contempt of court finding

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It seemed such a small thing that the court had ordered. And yet the court's order was not obeyed. In the wake of one of Malawi’s most contentious corruption cases, the Supreme Court of Appeal ordered two of those said to be at the heart of the matter to issue ‘an apology’ to the people of the country for their actions.

Who won this battle of judge vs judges in Seychelles?

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Separate decisions are a rarity in the Seychelles Court of Appeal. But four separate judgments? – Unheard of. It is perhaps an indication of just how controversial and sensitive has been the issue of former senior judge, Durai Karunakaran. And how complicated and sensitive has been the series of legal challenges involved in considering whether he should be impeached.

Army officers keep their 10 parliamentary seats in Uganda

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Extraordinary how political practices that are acceptable, even mandatory, in one country would be absolute anathema in others. Take the case of Ellady Muyambi against the Attorney General of Uganda. It involved five supreme court judges sitting as Uganda’s constitutional court to decide an application brought by NGO Africa Human Rights Monitoring (AHRM).