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Last minute 'settlement' in Lesotho's shock judicial disputes

The ongoing crisis in Lesotho's judiciary, involving internal tensions as well as problems between the judiciary and the country's political leadership, has been taken off the boil - at least for now. This follows a last-minute settlement of several high-profile cases that, had they continued, would have destroyed all semblance of judicial independence and were set to create a constitutional crisis.

Abortion conundrum for court

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The imaginary scenario was true enough for all concerned in the recent case of ‘AB’, a young woman from Nigeria living in England with her adoptive mother, CD, who is also from Nigeria.

Dispute between top judges and political leaders in Lesotho hots up

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The story so far. Lesotho’s Prime Minister Tom Thabane has served notice on Court of Appeal President, Kanenelo Mosito, saying he should give reasons why he should not be suspended pending an inquiry into whether he should be impeached.

In that notice, Thabane quoted from a letter by acting Chief Justice ’Maseforo Mahase to Judge Mosito complaining, among others, about steps he had taken that she claimed undermined the office of the CJ.

Editorial: World Day for International Justice, 2019

This set of reports on human trafficking across the globe offers the latest statistics and trends. They make absorbing reading, with their insight into how armed conflict affects trafficking and the extent of the problem in sub-Saharan countries.

Should these judges have spoken out?

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Try Hamenda must have known he had little chance of success on appeal. His legal aid counsel staked everything on just one argument: that sentencing a 20-year-old first offender to a 30-year jail term with hard labour was manifestly excessive and shocking.

Lesotho’s PM threatens top judge with second impeachment

The judge at the centre of the latest scandal to rock the judiciary in Lesotho is no stranger to the threat of impeachment. Appeal court president, Kananelo Mosito, has already resigned once before, sending in his letter just as King Letsie III was issuing an official notice of his impeachment for gross misconduct.