SADC Protocol on Culture, Information and Sport 2001

To re-enforce the central role played by culture and sport in the integration and co-operation of the Member States of SADC, The Protocol on Culture, Information and Sport was developed in 2001.

The Protocol is guided by the following general principles, in the spirit of regional –integration and co-operation:

* Strive to develop policies and programmes in the areas of culture information and sport

* Pooling of resources( expertise, infrastructure facilities) by Members States

* Commitment to enhance a regional identity in diversity and the right of access to information and participation in the areas of culture, information and sport by all citizens.

In the first section, the general and specific areas of co-operation are covered by the relevant articles in the Protocol – these include training, capacity-building and research, resource mobilisation, language policy formulation, preservation of cultural heritage and arts and culture festivals amongst others.

The second section of the Protocol deals with information – availability, infrastructure, freedom of media and code of ethics; the third section covers regional tournaments, talent development, centers of excellence and national policies in the area of sport.

Intl Body: 
Treaty Year/Conclusion: 
Tuesday, August 14, 2001
Entry into force: 
Saturday, January 7, 2006