Blunders set back fight against corruption

Namibia’s watchdog Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is in a great deal of trouble: a major bribery and fraud case, begun in 2009, appears to be imploding.

Latest Lameck judgment

For a country with a dedicated Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) as well as legislation and regulations to go along with it, Namibia is having a singularly difficult time prosecuting major corruption.

Corruption-busting strategy tested in Kenya court

CONSTITUTIONAL limits on how to deal with corruption – said to be Kenya’s Public Enemy Number One – have been taxing Nairobi judge, Byram Ongaya, after local activist Okiya Omtatah Okoiti challenged new moves to vet public servants.

WAS the Madaraka Day speech by Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, declaring a new wave of corruption investigations among the country’s civil servants an attempt to rule by “presidential fiat”? Was that 1 June 2018 national holiday address a mere “roadside declaration”, and an improper way of running the public service? Firebrand Kenyan activist, Okiya Omtatah Okoiti believed so, particularly when the speech was followed up by a circular from the head of his country’s public service, Joseph Kinyua, announcing a wide-ranging lifestyle audit of top civil servants.

Judge removed for corruption loses reinstatement appeal

ONE of the most painful periods in Kenya’s judicial history has been re-opened, with an appeal by former judge Tom Mbaluto against his 2008 dismissal from the bench for corruption. As Carmel Rickard explains, the former judge was dismissed after a tribunal sat to hear allegations against him and recommended his removal from office. Dissatisfied with the outcome, however, he has brought two court challenges contesting his removal, the second of which has now been finalized by Kenya’s court of appeal.

Tom Mbaluto was a well-known figure in Kenyan legal circles. He sat in the Milimani commercial court in Nairobi and presided in several high-profile matters. But then the eye of the public and the media settled on him more critically when a tribunal was appointed to investigate corruption allegations against him.


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