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‘Limping and irrational’ decision overturned on appeal by East African Court

A strange application brought to the East African Court of Justice by Burundi has completely unraveled. Burundi had argued that the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly was not properly elected. Failing before the trial court, Burundi challenged the court’s decision - only to have its legal team slated on appeal. Not just that: the initial costs order was overturned and Burundi must now pay the legal costs of both the trial and the appeal.

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Apart from the outcome itself, this appellate judgment of the East African Court of Justice has three interesting ‘moments’, including two where the court does not hesitate to criticise counsel involved in the dispute before it.

Regional court upholds freedom of expression, media freedom

The Tanzanian government, seen as oppressive in its attitude to a number of democratic freedoms including freedom of expression and free media, has lost a significant battle at the East African Court of Justice. The EACJ, which resolves disputes involving the East African Community and its member states, was approached by the newspaper, Mseto, after the Tanzanian government suspended it from all operations for three years. First, the EACJ trial court held that the suspension was unlawful.

Read judgment from the East African Court of Justice, trial court 

Read judgment from the East African Court of Justice, appeal court


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