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Cabinet Minister ignored 'God-given blessing' - Lesotho court

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Like virtually every other institution in Lesotho, the Maseru City Council – or at least certain of its tenders and some of its members – have been accused of corruption. In response, and citing certain ‘irregularities’, the Minister of Local Government and Chieftainship, Litsoane Litsoane, dissolved the city’s tender board at the end of July 2019.

Kenyan judge declares Rastafarianism a religion: but what’s its history?

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Her father believed her rights to education and to religious freedom had been violated by the school and went to court for clarity. Judge Chacha Mwita of Kenya’s high court agreed with him, holding that the decision to remove the student on the basis of her rastas was unconstitutional and that she had to be allowed back immediately.

Lesotho's Acting Chief Justice names fellow judges likely biased against her

Fighting for her professional life, the Acting Chief Justice of Lesotho, Maseforo Mahase, has urged that foreign judges should be appointed to hear the pending application for a probe into her fitness to hold office. In a strongly-worded affidavit filed with the constitutional panel of the high court this week, she says that the three local judges already appointed to deal with the matter should stand down.


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