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Judge, no soccer fan, recuses himself from murder trial involving fanatics of the game

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Month after month, alarming stories and judgments emerge from African jurisdictions about what appear to be inappropriate – sometimes seriously inappropriate – decisions on recusal. Too often it seems clear, on the papers and to outsiders, that judges do not recuse themselves when they should; other times that they recuse themselves without proper reason.  

The last few weeks have been no exception, with several judgments that should set off alarm bells, including one from Eswatini.

"Iron fist" needed in fight against poaching, smuggling - court

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The story begins just like a movie: a police sergeant working the x-ray conveyor belt machine at Namibia’s Hosea Kutako International Airport suddenly spots something suspicious about two suitcases as they pass through the scan. She offloads them, and then calls their owners from the departure hall.

According to evidence heard in the matter of Xiaoling v S, however, things did not go quite according to plan for the smugglers after that.


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