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Judiciary runs out of words for 'barbaric' gender violence

As the international community marks its annual 16 days of activism to end gender-based violence, judges are running out of words to describe the horrific cases of femicide that regularly come before them for trial. A case in point was recently heard by Namibia's high court and concerns the butchery of a woman by the man with whom she had been in a romantic relationship.

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Every week I read scores of judicial decisions from all over the world. Many involve the rape or murder of women or children.

This week was no different.

Kenyan judge upholds dismissal of alcohol-addicted senior magistrate

How far must an employer go to help a staffer with alcohol addiction? At what point is dismissal appropriate? Kenya’s high court had to consider this problem in relation to a senior magistrate who was given his marching orders by the Judicial Service Commission after he had been drunk on duty.

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The question of how to deal with judicial officers who are drunk or addicted to alcohol has often proved difficult to resolve.

Cabinet Minister ignored 'God-given blessing' - Lesotho court

The Lesotho courts, already embroiled in a scandal-ridden series of cases involving the Acting Chief Justice, the Prime Minister and others, have now had to intervene in what has been held to be the unlawful action of the Minister of Local Government and Chieftainship. At the end of July,  Litsoane Litsoane disbanded the Maseru City Council’s tender board, citing certain ‘irregularities’.

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Like virtually every other institution in Lesotho, the Maseru City Council – or at least certain of its tenders and some of its members – have been accused of corruption. In response, and citing certain ‘irregularities’, the Minister of Local Government and Chieftainship, Litsoane Litsoane, dissolved the city’s tender board at the end of July 2019.


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