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Abortion conundrum for court

Imagine you are an appeal judge in a country that permits abortion under certain conditions. One day, you hear the case of a young woman unable to give consent to a termination due to her permanent mental disability and behavioural problems. Doctors who assessed her were unanimous that an abortion would be in her best interests. Her adoptive mother however was strongly against the idea.

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The imaginary scenario was true enough for all concerned in the recent case of ‘AB’, a young woman from Nigeria living in England with her adoptive mother, CD, who is also from Nigeria.

Human trafficking reports show sub-Saharan Africa a global player

The UN has just released its latest reports on human trafficking around the world. It shows that while most African countries now have proper laws in place, some countries do not use these laws and report no investigations and no prosecutions. One study quoted by the UN report estimated that 357 million children lived in conflict areas in 2016. Every one of them would have been at risk of exploitation by armed groups or other traffickers.

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Botswana: Criminalisation of Consensual Gay Sex is Unconstitutional

The High Court of Botswana has ruled that a ban on consensual gay sex is unconstitutional.  Read the full judgment below, which is reproduced here until such time as BotswanaLII is established.  The PDF of the judgment may be downloaded here.



MAHGB-000591 16

In the matter between:

LETSWELETSE MOTSHIDIEMANG                                                        Applicant


ATTORNEY GENERAL                                                                              Respondent
LESBIANS, GAYS AND BISEXUALS OF                                                Amicus Curiae



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